2007: The Spurrell Family of Bessingham and their Links to the Copemans
An article about the descendants of Daniel Spurrell (1817-1906) of Bessingham Manor House, Norfolk, and Sarah Frances Copeman (1817-1906), youngest daughter of Robert Copeman of Itteringham, Norfolk
Published online on the Itteringham village website: http://www.itteringham.com/families/family-copeman-spurrell.html#spurrell

2007-2008: Frederick Spurrell
A look at the life of the Rev Frederick Spurrell (1824-1902), who served as Rector of Faulkbourne, Essex, from 1853 to 1898, focusing on his work as a clergyman and amateur archaeologist
Published monthly in Parish News, the parish magazine of Terling, Fairstead, White Notley and Faulkbourne

2008: William Stuart: An Essex Churchman
An overview of the life and work of the Rev William Stuart (1816-1896), Vicar of Mundon, Essex, from 1865 to 1889, and Rector of Hazeleigh, Essex, from 1889 to 1896
Published in the Essex Family Historian, the journal of the Essex Society for Family History

2008: Carrie Stuart
An article on the life of Caroline Harriet Maria Stuart (1873-1904) during and after her time as a pupil at St Mary’s Hall, Brighton, including a brief mention of the role of the Rev James Spurrell (1815-1892) in the school's history
Published in the Newsletter of the St Mary's Hall Association

2009: In Search of Thomas Smyth, Mayor of Limerick
An article on the public and private lives of Thomas Smyth (1740-1785), Mayor of Limerick, Ireland, showing how he and his family dominated the city's political institutions for decades, and providing details of his alleged children who bore the surname Stuart
Published in the Irish Family History Journal (Volume 25, 2009), the journal of the Irish Family History Society

2010: Spurrell Court Mantua
An article about a court mantua discovered at Thurgarton House, Norfolk, in the 1990s and probably worn in the 1750s by Mary Flaxman (née Ellis), whose daughter Elizabeth married John Spurrell of Bessingham, Norfolk
Published in the The Norfolk Ancestor (Volume 7, Part 2, June 2010), the journal of the Norfolk Family History Society

2010: Rider Haggard and the Spurrell Family
A short article about the writer Henry Rider Haggard's connections with the Spurrell family
Published in The Haggard Journal (Number 98, September 2010), the journal of the Rider Haggard Society

2010: The life of Charles Spurrell and his family's links to the Watney and Gray brewing families
An article about the Spurrell, Watney and Gray brewing families and their connection to the Shears family of coppersmiths and engineers
Published in Brewery History (Number 138, December 2010), the journal of the Brewery History Society

2010: Spurrell and Bond Families in Aylsham
An article about the families of Richard James Spurrell (1819-1896) and his aunt Mary Bond (née Spurrell) (1781-1863), who lived in and owned property in Aylsham, Norfolk
Published in the Journal of the Aylsham Local History Society (Volume 8, Number 10, December 2010)

2011: Information sought on 1904 Sheba Mine accident
A short article on Geoffrey Daniel Spurrell Mills and an appeal for information about the 1904 railway accident at the Sheba Mine, Transvaal, in which he died
Published in the Barberton Times (South Africa), 23 February 2011

2011: Remembering a Forgotten Grave: Charles and Caroline Spurrell
A short article about the grave of the Rev Charles Henry Spurrell (1855-1925) and Caroline Harriet Maria Spurrell (née Stuart) (1873-1904) at Huntington, near York
Published in Faith Link, the parish magazine for the Yorkshire villages of Huntington, Earswick and New Earswick

2011: Friends Reunited: The Story of Charles Spurrell and Edwin Fox
A short article about the Rev Charles Henry Spurrell (1855-1925) and his friendship with the Rev Edwin Storrs Fox, Vicar of Huntington, near York
Published in Faith Link, the parish magazine for the Yorkshire villages of Huntington, Earswick and New Earswick

2013: Katherine Spurrell, An Edwardian Hybridizer
An article about the life of Katherine Anne Spurrell (1852-1919), daughter of Daniel Spurrell of Bessingham, who bred a number of award-winning daffodils in the early twentieth century
Published in The Daffodil Journal (Volume 50, Issue 2, December 2013) courtesy of the American Daffodil Society

2014: 21 & 23 Park Street, Southwark
A short news item on the sale of 21 & 23 Park Street by Southwark Council, once home to Charles Spurrell and his family
Published in The Georgian (Issue 1, 2014), the magazine of The Georgian Group

2015: Frederick Spurrell's letter from Stockholm, 1849
An article on the Rev Frederick Spurrell's first impressions of Stockholm during his chaplaincy there in 1849
Published in the May Newsletter of the Anglo-Swedish Society: http://www.angloswedishsociety.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/150518-Frederick-Spurrells-letter-from-Stockholm.pdf

2015: Frederick Spurrell: An Essex Antiquary
An overview of the Rev Frederick Spurrell's contributions to archaeology, particularly in the county of Essex
Published in the Newsletter (No. 175, Summer 2015) of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

2016: Bessingham Manor House: its gardens and parkland
An article on the gardens at Bessingham Manor House
Published in NGT News (Volume 22, Autumn 2016), the newsletter of the Norfolk Gardens Trust: http://docplayer.net/40256938-Norfolk-gardens-trust.html

2016: F. C. J. Spurrell in Norfolk
An article on the work of the archaeologist Flaxman Charles John Spurrell in Norfolk
Published in Norfolk Archaeology (Volume XLVII, Part II), the journal of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society

2017: John Tuck: A life outside the workhouse
An overview of the life of Norfolk labourer John Tuck, who narrowly escaped being sent to the workhouse as a young boy
Published in Rural Life (2017), the journal of the Friends of Gressenhall

2017: Bessingham: A brief account of its buildings
An account of some of the buildings in the village of Bessingham in Norfolk
Published in Newsletter 33 (Spring 2017) of the Norfolk Historic Buildings Group

2017: The sketches of the Rev. R. J. Simpson
A description of the life of the Rev. Robert James Simpson (Rector of Felbrigg with Metton, Norfolk, 1872-1897) and his pen-and-ink skeches of North Norfolk churches and village scenes printed using the anastatic technique
Published in The Round Tower (Vol. XLIV, No. 4, June 2017) of the Round Tower Churches Society